Fukuimimus Raid Strategy

Just a short post! I threw together this raid strat for the new boss from this morning! This took a lot of trial and error, but it should work pretty well. Feel free to share/post (with credit!) If theres any critique or anything you guys have, please let me know! Have a nice day/night!


I managed to do the raid with 3 Rexy’s and Baja but was considering dropping a Rexy for Skoola for the tip the scales move, especially for the last round. It looks like it would have worked.

I have tried to beat this guy came close a few times but still no joy. Any help out there ?

this works a treat and is fun

Thanks I’ll have to give this one a try. I was using tip the scales a lot more than this Now to get players with those Dino’s lol

I used the top picture with the 2 Rexy’s and it works really good. I even did that one with one of my alliance members who had a Rexy. So I played the other Rexy, Thyla and Skoola.

I was stuck on this one forever, but we managed to to do it with 3 Rexys and a Skoola! No healing except devour. Lost a Rexy right before the 3rd round to the random rampage, but as long as Skoola doesn’t go down should still be able to win 3rd round! Wasn’t too bad! Hardest part was getting randomly chosen teammates to choose the right dinos, and then choose the right moves with only the JWA communication, lol.

1 strategy that works is either 3 rexys + para or 2 rexys + para and ankylomoloch. Maybe tragodistis works too. The deal is to safe group shields till round too cause that’s when he will use its instant move

I beat it this week for the first time , hardest part getting the right players in auto fill , it was fun , i hope i can get better at it