Fukuimimus Raid Strategy

Just a short post! I threw together this raid strat for the new boss from this morning! This took a lot of trial and error, but it should work pretty well. Feel free to share/post (with credit!) If theres any critique or anything you guys have, please let me know! Have a nice day/night!


I managed to do the raid with 3 Rexy’s and Baja but was considering dropping a Rexy for Skoola for the tip the scales move, especially for the last round. It looks like it would have worked.

I have tried to beat this guy came close a few times but still no joy. Any help out there ?

this works a treat and is fun

Thanks I’ll have to give this one a try. I was using tip the scales a lot more than this Now to get players with those Dino’s lol

I used the top picture with the 2 Rexy’s and it works really good. I even did that one with one of my alliance members who had a Rexy. So I played the other Rexy, Thyla and Skoola.