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Full apex team

With 2.12 a new apex(from what I heard) is going to be released. This means that a full team of 8 apexes will be possible. I was wondering if anyone is planning on having a full team of apex creatures.


Yeah, I am. For as long as they don’t let us reuse our boosts it’s simply cheaper. Easier to give up on the OP-uniques meta and let oneself drop to Aviary. But not full Apex, not all of them are decent enough. 6+2 maybe. At high levels Haast and Boa are looking alright. The fusable Apex will be impossible to unlock for me.


Nope …… unless they un nerf them or a boost shuffle is happening. Half of them are rubbish without a ton of boosts

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I also agree on a full apex team, plus they should add new ways of getting all apexes.