Full Immunity and it’s implications on counter play and interactivity

Hey everyone, I just want to put this out there. I think Immunity (the generic, I say no to all your rebuffs kind of immunity) needs to go. In all arenas there is some creature that abuses that kind of power. There are creatures like Procerathomimus as far down as arena 3 completely wiping teams to absolute terrors like Maxima and Gemini whose immunity allows them to demolish most dinos. True, they all have “counters” but those counters can be outmatched with the other mechanics (boosts I’m looking at you). The introduction of specific status effect immunity, like immune to distractions, are much healthier variations of that passive that allow more counter play and keep the pool of “viable” dinosaurs much larger. In other games where there are debuffs and interactions between entities in games, creatures with invulnerability to effects (for example, MasterPeace from Yugioh) tend to get either get banned from competitive play, errata, or nerfed into oblivion.
-A much healthier way to implement a mechanic to have a dinosaur avoid debuffs is one that implements the players skills at reading his opponent, not just having a non-skill based “NO” to your opponents debuffs.
-possible options to replace immunity
—— Instant deflection
“Priority-Negate your next incoming debuff: Cooldown 2”
—- Defensive stance
——— “priority- 75% chance to avoid debuffs for the next 3 turns: cool down 4”

I know I’m nowhere near a top player, nor do I think this is necessarily the best way to fix the problem of balance in this game, What are you guys thoughts?

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Like the moves but no, that’s what makes them unique

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I love my immunes, but there is no doubt that immunity makes the game a little bit more boring, and pushes tons of dinos out of viability like Dilorach, Rinex, Spyx, etc.

I’m unsure regarding moves, but I do absolutely think we need some form of immunity bypass method. Whether that be making immunity only work only 75% of the time like dodge, introducing anti immune passive abilities and moves, or just start taking away immunities from certain dinos.

People won’t like it, but for the sake of balance and making battling generally more fun, I feel as though something should be done about immunity.

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Oh don’t get me wrong, I love my immunes too. But there are so many other fantastic dinosaurs that don’t get to do what they’re supposed to do because that exists. Also, I don’t think certain dinosaurs bypassing immunity solves the problem that immunity causes. It doesn’t matter how versatile a kit is if 3/4’s of it doesn’t matter because your opponent has immunity.

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What about the monster immunes that aren’t unique?

There are only 21 creatures with full immnitty. Out of 190 total creatures. That’s about 11%.

Of the 21, only about 5 that are end game material. I really don’t think immune creatures need to be nerfed.


What @Whistler said. There aren’t that many in the game and they are fine.


The real issue is that Immune Creatures should never have competitive stats. If they do, they will completely disrupt the meta. In essence, when Immunes are top-dog, there is nothing you can really do to adapt. When other dinosaur types are in, their native counters rise to prominence.

The reason why I personally hate Procerat is that there really isn’t a good way to work around it. There are dinos that beat it, but no dino that really stomps it and it stomps a large number of dinos (bleeders, chompers, 129 speedsters). This is because high speed + immune + distraction is pretty difficult to meta against. You can’t use speed control or bleed/stall, you have to either be immune or constantly cleansing.

Ardentis follows the same logic (though not as annoying). An immune sauropod (high HP) is a nightmare to deal with because its natural counter (bleeders) are excluded.

I personally would prefer if the number of immunes declined. I think certain archetypal dinos should remain (dimetrodon/magna/tryo, ornith/monomim). I think two immune sauropods is silly so Gemini should probably lose the trait. Procerat just needs a HP/damage nerf so it is a bit more fragile though if I had my way I’d just nix nullify to give it distraction instead. That way shield tanks and cloakers could knock it off its pedestal.

Ardentis probably just needs a small nerf to damage to bring it back into a more balanced place.

That said if I were to do it…

I might just knock the mimuses down to Immune to Distraction & Slow. That way you can still bleed them and stun them.

The dimetrodons need to have immune to slow to be viable too (they are anti-tanks).

The cloakers… again, distraction is the only deal-breaker. Except they already are shield-weak (except for Indom 2…) so not the worst thing in the world.

I think Gemini could do with partial immunity instead. Give him the same immunities that Diplovenator has (anti-stun and anti-distract), which leaves Gemini open to being slowed down or bled. Oh yeah, this also would make Spyx more relevant, because Spyx is immune to slow and could bleed Gemini with ease.

I have a bigger issue with the separating out of immunities. If a creature is immune this should be its main USP and have weaknesses to help mitigate that - lower health or whatever. Slipping smaller immunities all over the place makes it all harder to balance, and doesn’t really work as far as I am concerned.

Again, as I have said before, Procera isn’t a big issue. I have a L29 middlingly boosted one. It doesn’t run through teams. I have never been run through by a Procera other than high boosted ones where the boost is the important factor. Procera is lightweight and a good precise attack will do serious damage. The issue is that most of the precise attack creatures are overweak in the current meta or simply not able to be up to team levels.

Actually most of the played ones deserve the nerf but a stat nerf, not getting rid of it.