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(FULL) Join a 5/5 alliance w/ DinoL3o! Recruitment for only the best/active players!

Hey hey,

Looks like we are losing folks left and right nowadays and our alliance/leader is looking for some great folks that still enjoy the game for what it is and if that’s you please read below on what we ask of you prior to reaching out for a new home.

Our alliance is currently 5/4 and have been pretty much all this time. We have finished Exploration with more than a day left to spare. We struggle with folks being stubborn to chat or join our discord to follow the strategy laid out to complete the ranks more efficiently. With that said here is what we are looking for:

Candidate Profile:

  1. Play daily - ideally better but not absolute as long you understand what is expected by the alliance strategy for missions/sanctuary. By daily, I mean you actually do both exploration and defense tasks.
  2. Willing to join discord and read up on the alliance goals/strategy - guess you need to understand English then, if not just ask for help
  3. Chat when called upon. It’s difficult to know if you understand or not if you don’t speak. Clearly if you are a lone ranger we will know…our boots now fly on Sunday so it’s our way of saying thanks for what you’ve done.

We have a great team of folks that are almost like family…we even have a Paleontologist on board with his collections on display. Up until recent updates, we have been nice enough to not boot folks for the longest time but the times and people have changed. What we ask isn’t much because it’s just a game but we can have fun still, achieve what we want with the game and no one has to do more >100 battles daily if everyone pitches in and do their little parts at the precise moments thanks to strategy.

Fire me a direct message or post below if you are just tired of jumping around alliances and want to find a solid home and still have it in you to play the game in the current state to help out the team goals.

Happy hunting and we look forward to finding some new friends,

P.S. I like to believe we are one of the best alliances out there so if you agree then there isn’t more to discuss, join us!


This is a great alliance with lots of generous hard players. I’m sure there are serious players out there looking for an alliance that puts an emphasis on teamwork and common goals to achieve their best. If you want to join an amazing team, this is it.

Me(lvl 8 started last weekend) and my friend(returning player lvl 14) would like to join a more active alliance. in the current one it feels like nobody is playing. lmk!

Rxtq & slayd

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Oh we are definitely an active alliance. We do not discriminate against new players or low level/trophy. We just need people that play the game! If you join now you get the alliance rewards tomorrow! lol

P.S. Just to see how active and great we are…just see what we do around here with a search of forum with FAQ. You won’t be disappointed in our team and family so join! We are pretty much cleaning up house and let’s just say there’s always room! Even with half the alliance we are capable of a lot of good. However, a full alliance would just mean we would be better/greater than we are now!

I’m a daily player with 5100+ trophies. I rarely miss completing all daily challenges and would love to be considered!

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@Robert_Gillespie that’s quite the resume! Hope you can join ASAP and grab your 5/4 rewards today!

Hi! I´m searching for an active alliance! I’m lvl 13,5 and have 3349 trophys. I finish my daily missions almost every day. My username is Flizanolusen. My husband “Sverpan” has an account to, but he is at a lower level (but we use to do friendly battles for the alliance).

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Hi! I am interested in joining! I am currently a level 16 (almost 17) with 3300 trophies but that goes up and down when battling as we all well know lol. My husband would like to join as well and he is way above me - he is a level 20 with around 4000 trophies. We are both very active and would love to join!

sharklife727 & cblake113

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Oh wow, quite the influx of requests. Please be aware we will contact folks that have requested in the order we received them. We are in the process of removing more folks but please bear in mind we have quite the amount of requests at the moment so you can either join the waitlist via posting or direct messaging me. Definitely, you’re certainly welcomed to find other great alliances here! We will update as time goes! Everyone that has responded I will get back to you shortly. Thanks everyone!

The name of your alliance? :wink:

@Flizanolusen @sharklife I have reached out to you via direct message. We have added 5 folks already today! There’s room still as we continue to review alliance activity so stay in touch and you’ll be next to join our team!

Hi! I would like to join your alliance, I have just left mine because we were only like three active players and couldn’t level up our incubators. I currently have 2940 trophies and I’m level 15. I love playing this game and making strategies to achive goals so I hope I can join you!

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Why was i even kicked out to began with? I never request except for the one time last week when I asked for erlikgen2 and only got 60dna(never even complained about it) and always donated what I could. I donated so damn much at the beginning when they first introduced sharing dna to the point that I have to grind out for missing dna that I’ve donated in the past to make legendary and hybrids. I participated as much as anyone else in weekly’s and did what was asked when I seen the msgs. I find it pretty petty to kick me out on the sunday before rewards were given out.

Hey there @AzN_DeMoN,

I’m sorry you feel that way. Times have changed and people have changed. For more than two weeks the leader and many of the teammates, including myself, have been encouraging everyone to join discord or chat in game to see if the strategy is well understood because it was apparent the non-discord/non-chatting folks were disrupting the strategy for sanctuaries. Some have ignored the messages, like yourself, continue to play on your own terms not caring about the impact you have on the team such as helping with Sanctuary/Defense Rank 4. The strategy was laid out on Discord but you couldn’t have possibly known since you didn’t care to chat or heed the warnings that was given as a last opportunity to remain on the team and as a result, August 4th was your logged boot date along with other folks in your position. It’s sad to see you go and I wish you all the best. Glad to see you making some changes and posting! Welcome to the forum!

P.S. If you want to, contact me on discord, otherwise, happy hunting!



I’m very interested in joining your alliance. Lvl 20 player hovering between Lockwood and Aviary

I am already on discord and always try and follow what is happening.

Have a pretty good understanding of sanctuaries and have tried in my current alliance to build up a high level one but unfortunately, like yourselves, non-chatters come and gatecrash the party!!!

Feel free to drop me a DM if you want to know more about me!!!

Hi have u still got space?

I’d join if I wasn’t leading my own :wink: lol !

Your awesome ! Wouldn’t blame anyone for joining your alliance having you organizing sanctuary’s LoL

Best of luck :metal::sunglasses:

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Having added 11 folks in the last couple of days we have exhausted our empty boots for now. However, excessive play isn’t always necessary if you have folks on board with the strategy for efficient gameplay for alliance goals. To gloat a little, we have broke old records with hitting Exploration 4 tasks with 5 days to go. We are on progress to Defense 5 and we hope to complete it with the other half on board!

I’ll save your spot in the queue ->> @dinolord lol. @Flizanolusen, @Aitana, @leylandlad97, @Rapidempire thank you for your interests and I will reach out to you when spots become available. Your position in the queue has been noted! We will only have 1 more today but will check with the team/leader with the decision soon!

Happy hunting can still be a thing:


Thanks very much really appreciate it found a new one n joining on Monday thx again

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Thanks for the consideration

I have since posting found another similar alliance. Best of luck and happy hunting :slight_smile:

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