Full legenderys pack


I know there’s teams much better than this but I’ve wanted a pack of legenderys since I started on this game


gaun yersel, big man!


It’s been a weirdly good day for all the dna I needed to make 2 and upgrade 2 plus the gold strike helped


This is the one I think I want most at the moment though

well that and this lol


my goal is to unlock every dino, with the exception of ankyntrosaurus, i have all the legends.

and then, on to the uniques!


That’s all I really play this for is to unlock dinos


If you disregard it, I am going to bet 1trillion on you never will get a trykosaurus


and still, i persist.


What does your team look like?



Nice 20202020


Thanks. Been playing sense the second week of this games release. Not super active but I do what I can.



Good for you! Congrats with your legendary team! I’m waiting for mine…but i dont want to spend coins or dna in creating gigaspikasaur and nodotitan :slight_smile: .


Nice team hope you have fun to play it :slightly_smiling_face:

I only miss a couple of unique to the full Dinodex, it’s a good goal!


I’ve been playing since a week after launch, and I just got a couple Legendaries. I haven’t spent any money, but I still really enjoy the thrill of creating a new Legendary I’ve worked hard to fuse.


Been playing since launch have spent about 2 quid but done loads of offers from tapjoy for cash and blew them opening incubators I’ve won but also a lot of traveling to get coin from stops