Full of glitches tonight


The game is running so slow tonight and weird things keep happening. I just did a few battles and then turned my screen recorder off and was sitting at the battle screen getting ready to exit the app, when suddenly a battle started out of nowhere. What’s going on with this game? There was no loading screen or anything, just suddenly Jurassic Ruins popped up and said to choose my creature. Something odd happens every battle tonight it seems but now I’m wondering if I’m in battles while my phone is just sitting there charging across the room. I guess I’ll find out when I sign back in and find myself in Sorna.


I think there’s a new update last night.


.this was my battle just now Not very many trophies but still this guy had a dinosaur that was level 24. My highest dinosaur is 14. That’s not very fair


Check this out

Luckily I won