Full raptor team

People can now buy blue and Charlie, and I believe delta and echo.

So now people can set up a team of almost all raptors. Blue, Charlie, delta, echo, pyro, Utah and velociraptor

Let’s get this ONE raptor per team set up going and make it a thing. I’ve lost so many times now cause people just load up on raptor Dinos and it is impossible to get a turn in to fight back. Yes I have good Dinos like the anky, sauropods and others. But you can’t do ANYTHING, you basically just sit and wait to be one or two shotted and lose over and over and over!

Going to end up quitting this game soon if something isn’t done about the raptor apocalypse. JUST ONE RAPTOR PER TEAM SET UP!!!

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One raptor per team may not be the best solution.
I like the idea of self-pinning (cannot swap) after pounce proposed by the community. To make sure the glass cannon is actually glass.
Or we can have a higher spawn rate for raptor counters.


Sounds like you need to make a raptor team of your own! I know what you mean though… I full team of raptor seems pretty OP if you don’t have lvl 10 dinos at least! Plus if people are paying for them, well there is nothing you can do about that, that’s the problem with “pay to win” games!

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What would actually make it a glass cannon, is if using a raptor was dangerous for the user in question. Meaning you send a raptor out and prey the first attack from another Dino doesn’t kill you, THEN you can do pounce on the second turn and probably kill that other Dino. If not the oh well, the raptor died. For the others like pyro and Utah as well as Charlie, it is complete nonsense that they can switch back and fourth between a higher crit attack and pounce while one is on cool down.

I’m only in arena 4 and I can’t get passed it cause of all the raptor based teams. Highest level Dino is only level 12

Then you need some 20’s

Yeah. Cause that’s easy to do. I’ll get right on that with walking all over the place to just find strong Dino dna.

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The way I’ve encountered it today, it’s usually like this:

I bring out my steg, opponent brings out Blue. Blue uses pounce, steg goes down in one. I switch to my lvl. 13 v-raptor, opponent switches to lvl. 17 u-raptor. Pounce. V-raptor down. Okay, maybe my Argentinosaur can tank enough to get a hit in. Nope. Opponent goes back to Blue. POUNCE. Argentinosaur goes down hard.

Pretty much the same for the next two fights, both opposing players used the same strategy. Rinse, repeat.

Raptors aren’t bad, but when they get so prolific they actually kill the game’s balance, competitiveness drops - because until Ludia steps in and does something like limiting how many raptors you can have on a team, or limiting all-raptor death squads to higher-tier arenas only - the rest of us are going to get tired of this game really quickly.


Keep in mind that most of my squad are on averag level 11-12, with my v-raptor being at 13. The players using Blue today all had her at around level 11 or so, and they still wrecked my team. I never had the chance to get a move in edgewise to counter.

Yeah, raptors are challenging. But they’re not impossible to beat by any means. All you need is armor, speed killers and counters. Problem solved. Sometimes. But that’s the point right? Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Don’t like pay to win? Then don’t play. Paying is part of how they make money. They’re matchmaking system is pretty solid too, very rarely do I do the obliterating or get obliterated, usually it’s pretty balanced. Use your head, come up with a strategy and implement it, sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t and have some raptors on your team as well.

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Actually that’s part of the problem, not the point. The game should not devolve into raptors vs. tanks. There are a lot of avenues that could be explored, and keeping half of your team reserved to counter a very specific big gun (while the other half of your team IS the big guns) makes this really stale, really fast.

Plenty of options could be explored, even to vary the current meta (though I wish it would be broadened).

Theropods and sauropods should have more HP. Spiked dinosaurs should reflect damage. Dinosaurs that ignore status effects should not be one-shot, whether by use of armor, HP, or what-have-you. Counter-strike dinosaurs should be able to survive long enough to actually counter-strike. And I’m a terrible broken record on this point, but I strongly feel this is a distinct part of the problem: no one dinosaur, or even type of dinosaur, should occupy the single top speed slot. All it does is mean everyone needs it, which leads to exactly what we have here.


I used to have opinions same as yours. However i changed my mind after I climbed up the arena ladder. Now all battles become raptors vs anti-raptors, pretty boring…
I agree with @Poxinabox.


I actually voluntary dropped my rating to an earlier one (partly to get more T-Rex DNA specifically; as much as I dislike the Indominus Rex, I want it for completion’s sake). I’m finding it much better down here, especially since I still need incubators going. It’s a more interesting challenge taking my “intentional losers” of commons level 1-5 into combat and trying to squeak out a win against level 10 dinos, knowing each loss actually propels me closer to my overall goal.

I’m winning far more than I thought I would, actually. But part of the enjoyment is that everyone else is also testing out the dinosaurs; there’s a much more interesting mix than when I was at 2800.

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Try build on Eini and Stego to counter raptors. They are dependable as raptor counter.

Yesterday, my L16 Eini brought down a half life Stego (one shot), full life I-Rex (one shot) and full life TRex (one shot). Maybe luck was with me then… :blush:

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If you want to win ask your parents for more money.


Exactly how I now play too :slight_smile:

Also use Dinos that reduce opponent speed

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I know what you mean, part because it’s one of the most common hybrid to make part because it’s good, the Eino has a permanent spot in my team, it’s critical it’s superb and the adrenaline surge make a great difference, I have it at 17, the higher in my team

Or maybe if a Dino is the fastest it shouldn’t have such a big damage count …said that i lately won many battles against a team of Blue, ,vraptors, hutaraptor, particularly when I deploy my vraptor lv16 later in the battle…

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There is ways around this squad of raptors. Shields, slowing impact, immumes, counters, and of course Indominus