Full Screen Battles

I watch battles on YouTube a lot and I was wondering how they can have their battles full screen and in landscape mode, can anyone tell me how?


A good question. Hope someone knows the answer

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They use a third-party rotation control app to force their phone into landscape mode all the time.

You activate it on your home screen and then start JWA fresh (it doesn’t work if the app’s already open).

I’ve tried it (but don’t currently use it) for battles and it can be fun. I prefer portrait for other features (especially darting).

I wouldn’t mind if they added an option for landscape battles to the game.


Can you tell me what application you used?

Just search for rotation control apps, there’s plenty.

Thanks, Ill look it up

It looks like the app you mentioned is down but I managed to find, a replacement and it looks so good and what I find weird is that the battle arena can be zoomed out when in landscape but it is cropped in portrait. Thanks

I seem to remember a while back a mod saying that you could be banned for using a third party app with the game even if it doesn’t give you an advantage. I think it was in a tread asking about this same question too.