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Fun fact Kelenken DNA storage

25,000 is the MAX visible storage for Kelenken. 50,000 is MAX storage on Kelenken. It is NOT 200,000 as all other rare. Just a warning if you are darting it this week. Make sure you have enough storage for it.

How to check if you are over max storage and want to see how much you really have?

Make a request for it. It will show on your request the actual amount over 25,000 you have in storage. If you level it up, it will show the new amount of DNA in storage. I was at 50,000 storage, leveled it to 16 and it showed 49,000 in storage.

Now we know!!


This sounds more like a bug, @Ned?

Informed our team. :slight_smile: Although, the DNA cap for Rare creatures is supposed to be 100,000 DNA if I recall correctly. :thinking:



Please inform Ludia, at whatever Management level necessary, that if they plan to change the amount of actual, not visible, DNA in storage to let the player base know in advance.

We are currently able to have available for use more than the visible amount. I do not think I would be alone in being extremely upset if that accumulated DNA disappeared. I, for one, would like advance notice so I could level up creatures and use that accumulated DNA.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter and for passing this up the chain of command.

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The amount of DNA that could be accumulated for what ever the rarity should be what ever the amount to level it to 30.

Kelenken did it’s job for me tonight with swap in dodge along with the dodge itself won me a match with a repeated rat attack. That was a good one.

What is max storage for commons?

Visible Common is 250,000. Actual is 500,000.

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Thanks for the warning but it made me smile a little because I wish I had that problem. I am the member of my alliance, a very good alliance, which has more DNA than almost all creatures because I am the one who spends the most time hunting and I have no more than 22,000 kelenken that can be 25,000 at the end of the week. Most of the members of the alliance don’t think they have more than 15,000 DNA from this strange bug :slight_smile:

What I am very interested in knowing is what is the real maximum of each category. In the case of the “rares” it is 100,000 but it really accumulates more, but I don’t know how much more. The same goes for the commons (200,000) and the epics (25,000). For example, it’s been a while since I reached 100,000 Trex2, 200,000 Trice2 and 25,000 Baryonix and I’m still hunting because I think they accumulate more … but I don’t know how much more.

Common: Visible 250,000. Actual: 500,000
Rare: Visible 100,000. Actual: 200,000
Epic: Visual 25,000. Actual: 50,000

There was a thread with Legendary where they raised the visible MAX storage, I do not remember the amount though, 2,000 perhaps? I am not sure on Unique.

I am an active hunter also and have many over visible max storage, one at max max and level 30. I was asking that Ludia please inform us before making a change in this. I would level up those that are over max visible. Some to 20 as that is max hybrid. Others would go right to level 30 to be valued team members and for weekend tournaments.

Version 1.10 removed the ability to see the actual amount of DNA in storage, the amount over visible. You could view it after darting a creature, on the capture screen. No idea why they would remove this valuable ‘feature’, but they did.

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Thank you very much for the information.
I thought I was a great hunter, in fact I think I am the greatest hunter of my alliance … but I am light years from you !!! having an apatosaurus at 30 and almost 500,000 additional seems incredible, and more if you created and evolved tragodistis.

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Thank you. I do have a slight advantage in hunting over many. I am retired so unless the fishing is good, I have the time to wander around darting invisible critters all day if the mood strikes. I still get up early so can make a thermos of coffee and go hunt the dawn spawns too. Epic spawns still elude me, but I find a lot of common and rare.

Well, you have time but also desire and motivation! I go hunting for many hours but I have a hard time deciding to launch an apatosaurus or a stegosaur knowing that they are no longer useful to me and that nobody in the alliance asks for them. In fact, every day that passes bores me more hunting because I add new creatures that until now it was a joy to find the list of “useless” (dilophosauro, ouranosauro, rajasauro, tuajingosauro, …). In fact, sometimes I miss the excitement of the early days when every creature I found could be useful.


I remember the days when “Dart everything” was solid advice.


Good news on the Kelenken front! We now have the ability to store more than 50,000 DNA and the total amount in storage is visible on the post darting screen. The total in storage is also visible in the request screen.

@Ned Please pass a thank you from me to whomever made this a priority for us.

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Chuck, thanks. I enjoy reading your posts because they are informative :slight_smile:

@Ludia_Developers; @Ned : please we should be able to know how things work in the game from the company, not from other players: we should be able to find the information Chuck is providing somewhere in the game. Not all of us spend days on forums to discover what they have not been told. Please up your communication game. Thank you

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