Fun Game suggestions


Hi all from South Africa, hope you all enjoying the game as much as I.

Thought I would make some suggestions, thoughts welcome.

Would love to see the following:
A yellow small circle indicator appear on screen to hit at an Epic in the area or even a unique Dino roar to inform us of an Epic near by.

Dinosaurs at supply drops that actually move around and not just stand there in the sun catching a tan!! Hell why not make them move around in a small area rather than stand around looking pretty.

Random Dino acts, again, rather than standing around at supply drops, let them live so to speak, let them chase other dinos or let us catch them while they feeding.

We have all said it but please can the passenger alert be increased to more than 10m.

As mentioned before, after catching, could the map orientation remain as it was before catching.

Someone mentioned using flares to attract dinos to your location, this is a brilliant idea.

Awesome game with the best graphics I’ve ever seen, well done guys.

Looking forward to the next update.