Fun Idea: New Baryonyx Hybrid

I feel like Bary’s a solid root DNA for a lot of potential hybrids. Maybe do something interesting with the fliers mixed with Bary? Perhaps even a tank? Could be really cool

Id rather see them use Carno for a bird hybrid, they need to diversify what we see

They should increase the Baryonyx spawns too because I’m lucky to find a couple a week. Sometimes not even that and i hunt a lot at night in multiple zones.


Really?? I typically find 2-3 per night on average

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I wish I had that kind of luck. I’d actually be able to use Tryo if I could find even double what I normally get.

Honestly, I just need the Postisuchus then my Tryo will be level 30 (would I be the first in the game with a level 30 Tryostronix?)


Finding epics every day/night? Jeez, even before I got employed again, months and months of tagging along while in town for anywhere from 5 to 7 hours each day and I’d be lucky to grab more than one epic every two days, sometimes three days.

The rares were plentiful but almost ALWAYS Postosuchus, Gorgosaurus, Triceratops, with Utahraptor and (can’t spell it off the top of my head) the "Whoo-hoo"saurus, the bumbling stegosaurus cousin, coming in at a relative distant second place for occurence.

Now with my current shift in responsibilities, I have enough time to go out for about an hour and a half on average and I typically see 4 or 5 rares (the arguably “bad” ones) and in the past two weeks only today I’ve found any epics. The Ouranosaurus that I’ve literally never seen once since July, Sinoceratops (holy mother of jackpot finds), and a Baryonix.

Three epics in one night out of otherwise zero epics for 2+ weeks is a bad deal but I’m too addicted to this game despite my overly emotional state of it. Whatever, beats playing League of Legends and engaging with the so-called “community” THERE that would have me wanting to commit atrocities that would land me in federal prison for 1000 life sentences.

Now it’s time for my scheduled wild luck to spray dinosaur repellent until February…maybe then I’ll get a birthday surprise. /scoff

I used to find them alot but not anymore since they released Bracchiosaurus.

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I would not want to fight a level 30 Tryo, haha. Ouch. Has anyone else made a level 30 Stegoceratops? I don’t really see it on teams and wasn’t sure if I was the first one with one of those.

Like this one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I need Baryonix for Tryostonix … I have enough Postimetrodon DNA for 50 evolutions … but I see on average one Barionix a week, in weeks with luck … so I prefer that there is no new hybrid of Baryonix while There are so many unic without hybrid.

Well I’m sitting at 1300 Bary DNA even after finished Tryo, it’d be fun to see it reallocated into something else

A Bary+Tenontosaurus/Iguanodon would be pretty ugly, but I bet it would be interesting to have a set up of a stun and a swap in stun for an easier RTC