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Fun indorap change (not serious)

I’m fine with indo to be honest maybe some small changes, but this is a fun build.
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Please look at both images :rofl:
This ain’t a serious post and I know the tweet was well before prowl got added as a move.


Even if you were serious,then Evasive Stance fits Indoraptor more,after all Indoraptor is a weapon,not a creature.

Well, it is a creature. A weaponized one.

I miseraead something like “indorap challenge” and thought this would be a challenge to rap about indom or indoraptor :rofl:


Personally even if it’s not serious I think it’s a good change

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Feel free to rap about if you want i don’t mind :rofl:

Actually, if this was serious, it could work. I myself would prefer to keep the old resistances though. But it would improve Indoraptor by a good bit, and add back to the little amount of Fierce he has left.

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Here’s my twitter reply lol


Thanks, thought I was going to get mad back lash for giving it prowl :rofl:
Thats the main reason I put the not serious part in.
But thank you, I removed the distraction resistance because it would be op if it did, 70% crit in a DSR is ummm… , also lowered its attack and health slightly and increased its speed by 1

Was wondering if that person would reply :rofl:

Well with it being part fierce and cunning, it could do with some distraction resistance (given its 2 parts velociraptor) and either the same speed or 1 slower.

Also Haast Maximus can get to a 70% Crit Chance with an Instant Rampage.

I think it could but a low percent maybe 25% resistant i will do a serious build :+1:

I’m thinking 50% myself. Most Cunning creatures do remove Crit Increase, and Indom already has 50% distraction resistance so having at 50% work make some sense.

download (5)
Put it to 50% and put the damage and speed to its normal it is a fierce creature @Cheeseeater