Fun little tid bit!


I did a little research and im pretty sure we can technically sue for false advertising. Just saying. If ludia doesnt change things someone’s gonna come after them. I’ve already seen some people say they are gonna contest. I love this game, I do, but WOW these people are shady. I bet this post gets hidden. Hehe z


I got the "unique ingredient incubator " and it gave me ingredients for legendary dino not unique. Scam


Unfortunately, Ludia don’t even reply our report mails.

I sent one to their support team addres on Monday, and refresh it several times.
Just keep waiting until now. Guess someone may delay for more than a week.


I got 10 legendary Dna from an epic incubator…


Has anyone called? Should probably skip all that and call. Not gonna respond the way you ask, you’ll have to respond to the phone ringing a thousand times