Fun mini challenge


I had an idea for a little mini challenge within the game, it’s called the take the wheel challenge. Basically once you think you’re at a pretty high level, you go into battles and the only button you’re only allowed to hit the battle button. No picking dinosaurs, no choosing attacks, just let the app fight for you. If you want to speed it up so your opponent isn’t waiting forever you can preemptively pick the stuff but it has to be the first option. First dino, first attack, nothing else. Then, you do that over and over until you win a battle, and your challenge score is how many cups you have at the end of the victory! I did this and I think it’s a mega fluke but my score is ~2300. Try and beat it!


That isn’t a challenge, that’s entirely luck-based at best. Are you sure you’re not just trying to get some easy wins in the arena by turning opponents into potatoes?


No, it’s like a test of how high level your team is.