Fun new battle glitches!


Well, 1.14 certainly went all out on trying to fix battle glitches, didn’t it? I’ve experienced all the same ones, plus some new fun ones that are sure to drive us nuts.

  1. I had Tarbosaurus on my team for a while for a laugh (don’t judge me!) and decided to swap it out. Very next battle, guess who is on my team in the arena? Yep… Tarbo. Finished the battle and went to my team to double check - it was not on there.

  2. Damage preview - checked to make sure my hit was going to take out my opponent, the preview said 0, so I went for it. Nope. Opponent had just over 100 hp left afterwards.

Good luck out there kids!


Fix the bug by introducing new bugs… :rofl:


It was always known the update will bring new glitches lol


Yup, battle glitch #5436148 - My cleanse didn’t actually cleanse anything……. Oh and I was told prior to battle that I’d reached my coin limit so won’t receive any coins…… I haven’t reached my coin limit…

Was expecting some glitches with the update so hopefully they do a maintenance patch like last time


Just did battle in a blue battle arena…used velociraptor n changed to stegoceratopa but when i stun opponent, it did not do anything and after i selectes my next move, opponent just let the counter run down and the timer was over 200!!


I had this happen TWICE to me tonight during battles… We both began by selecting our Erlikosaurus. Mine is level 13. Theirs was level 11. Everything was equal otherwise. It showed me having the speed bars for first strike. But TWICE the opponent got in the first hit and of course They used Rampage and got a critical hit killing my dino!!! I am getting tired of things like this along with only getting 10% success rate of stuns while the opponents get about 80%. Today after a week of hard fighting to FINALLY get to 2700 I am now down to just over 2400.


Besides several disconnections during battle, I was defeated by a 0-hp i-Rex.

Anyone actually needs the extra animation? Can I turn it off?


I found the damage preview doesn’t account for armour now, which makes it unreliable.