Fun non-meta project dinos

Hi all,

I’ve started getting bored with leveling my team dinos as they are high level and is taking an age to get the last few levels. Plus the incentive to level up is low as you get arena punished for doing it.

So I have started a couple of project dinos for fun I plan on using in tournaments and things like that. I’ve gone with Tyrannolophosaur (25), Blue (25) and scoola (22).

I’m curious anyone doing similar and what have you gone for?


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So that’s your level 25 Blue I saw in the sanctuary! Impressive.

On my 2nd account, I’ve been working on making as many of the legendary dinos as I can make. This is where I’m at. Some, I’m no where near making for quite a while. There are a few I can get a start on.

The next one that I will be able to make hopefully by next weekend will be Smilocephalosaurus. I can’t wait to play that one along with Smilodon, the Marsupial Lion and maybe throw Brontotherium and Elasmotherium all on the same team.

I’m playing level 14-16’s right now on my 2nd account and I made the last 8 level 16 legendary’s in the last week and a half. I had been playing level 11’s for a while so I wasn’t focusing on legendary’s.

Hey. How much XP does the Blue offer for the sanctuary?