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Fun Sucking Stun

I’m v annoyed.

I’m in a PvP match.
My only option is to throw my Dio at a Thor.
I swap in only to be hit by Instant Charge, which stuns my Dio, effectively blocking my counter attack. The entire next turn I am still stunned, essentially helpless to be finished off.

How is this fair, like at all?

One attack prevented me from causing damage three times. If IC is coming second in the turn, it’s still THAT turn, but my swap had priority over it. Therefore, it blocked my counter attack, but I shouldn’t still be stunned the entire next turn.

But if my Dio goes second with its priority Instant Invincibility, it’s literally an entire turn wasted.

I just don’t see why this debuff should be so devastating.


That’s just…how stun works. By the same token instant distraction works on the NEXT attack, so too does stun block the NEXT turn. You always forfeit one turn to stun, so I don’t see any mechanical failure there. In the case of IC it’s intended to be a quick stun and basically be a finisher move/extra priority damage with little to no cost. When IC becomes a slow stun it’s really scary, since being stunned for the next turn is really nasty. Imo the really awful instances of stun is swap in stun messing you up when you correctly predict the swap with a counter attacker, only to be stunned and attacked.


That’s exactly what I’m highlighting here. The Instant Distraction mention is only helping my argument for Instant Invincibility’s sake and how it’s unfair that it can actually be a completely wasted turn. And even then, Instant Distraction can be cleansed, whereas stun cannot.

What I’m saying is, IC stunned, which nullified my strategy for that turn. Boom. It did it got its damage AND it’s effect. But now the following turn, I’m STILL stunned and not able to do a single thing about it. A strategy used to counter a priority move creates an even worse trap in this scenario.

By saying that’s what it’s supposed to do, at the very least it helps the argument for Instant Invincibility to remain for the next turn as it used to, and also shows just how unfair swap in attacks are, as they should absolutely go off of the creatures speed to determine who gets the hit off first.

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Perhaps shield should resist stun. So GTS, for example, will reduce stun chance by 50%, so IC will only have 25% chance to stun. IIT will resist by 100%, as it is super annoying when you shield, but watch it get destroyed due to annoying stun. Maybe, just maybe, it should be the same for dodge.


Now we’re talkin


I would very much enjoy this, as every time my constrictor is stunned by IC I always have to skip a turn, its lovely

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While I understand the frustration of this scenario, I don’t think resilients need any more buffs. And this would be a big one.

At least in the case for the proposed shield stun resist.


Ahh yes, spinoconstrictor. I have no problem killing it, although it annoys me to death at times.

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when exchanging you lose a turn and when you are stunned you lose another turn, this is perfect. For wanting to trade and not losing any turns, you ended up losing 2 turns. is the beauty of this game. now put yourself in the place of the other if you had not been stunned, what would your rival say exchange killed my dino and did not lose any turn.


Well put! That is the risk of risky swapping.

i think the mechanics of stun are pretty much fine. but if something should be done, have a percentage chance to do .25 of base damage though a stun. That way, you still have a chance to do something and essentially break through part of a stun. Although, that adds more RNG into the game when we should really be trying to eliminate as much as possible.

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The thing is, if Dio didn’t have a counter and you weren’t still stunned then there would have been no stun at all. You lost more because counter-attackers attack multiple times in a turn and even on swapping (which regular creatures do not). So they have to pay the price for that extra damage by losing more attacks when non-priority stunned.


Or when stunning, mechanics can be changed. For example, Thor can IC, stun, and DSR. That normally wipes out anything. But if a rule that changed most stunning moves, or changes the game slightly, is introduced, it can be this: when a creature is stunned, it can do a move that does no damage. So diorajasaur can go for IIT or GTs, and counter attack does no damage. I mean, no effect, really, but it’s just an example

Same can apply for dodge

This is just an argument for why swap in stunning strike should not be able stun at all. Where’s the risk? If you’re trying to bomb in on a rampage, that’s on you, otherwise, it’s like no punishment, especially Magnus, who more than likely gets to hit first (again) next turn.

Stuns can fail and often do. And it’s only safe if you can swap in and kill the creature, which is akin to finishing it off. As a tradeoff, creatures with swap in stunning strike tend to be weaker once on the field.

But that’s the point of swapping to a Dio. It’s counter won’t hit first, so the risk comes from having to tank the attack it’s going into, unlike a swap in creature who always goes first. It doesn’t have the priority revenge kill advantage a swapper does. Sure the swap in attack creature may also have to eat something if not played to kill, but it also comes with a chance of negating that risk via stun too.

… * Ceramagnus has entered the chat *


That’s relative though. If you compare it to a non-SIA creature there’s less risk swapping Dio in.
And SIA creatures, especially snipers make up for that strength in other ways (or at least, they’re supposed to).

Ok besides Cera, who needs a slight rebalancing. But overall this is the case.