Fun Team with my new Entelomoth

I just made Entelomoth tonight and put together a like creatured team with what I had that wasn’t locked in the terrarium.

My Team 20200316

I wanted to try out Entelomoth which will stay at this level for a while while I go back to working toward Spinoconstrictor, my last I had to get but didn’t quite make it as we have more coming.


I’m just loving the PvP with the variety of creatures I get to play and looking forward to making more with the new guys we’re getting.


Looks like a fun team to play with

I just had to get Titanoboa out to play with for the night as it will be a permanent part of a sanctuary for a long time unless we get a snake event.

That is exactly where mine has been for weeks… only fought with it once :tired_face::sweat_smile: