Fun things too doo


Dino race : race against others dinoes . Make tracks thats good for eksamble raptor and then we have to choose the rigth dino for the track and tap the screen at the right time :blush: a non violent fun act with the dinoes . First place get epic dna and cash, second place rare and less cash than first place, third place commen dna and coins … rest gets maby darts or coins

Ges’s that dino show a siluet of a dino give 4 options ! Gess the rigth one and get rewardet.

Also i realy hope for a egg Hunt event could be a Christmas event or maby Easter …

VIP darts that will give you 1 more dna pr hit.

Raise the cap on darts and coins ! Its too low ! I would like too stack 280 darts and lift the limmit on coins with the amount off coins needed to create dna and evolve ! As it is rigt now i wont be apple to follow up even if i Can reach the coin limmit every day !

How about a drone you Can ship away for 4-6 hours to collect dna from varius creatures 1 time a day ? It should cost feks 5 buks and the dna is random from creatures within 1 mile. Could ship it off when going too bed , and get up to a Nice surprice :+1:t2::blush::+1:t2:

Could be cute Also with baby dino that you have to raise … feed it , walk it , train it :blush: could be awsome to win a egg in battles or raices or weel of fortune or something .

And please make difrent moves and sounds to every dino it
Sort off takes the fun away that most raptor makes the same moves and sounds … the same with the long neks… its cute a couple of times and then gets sort of not borring but averedge ( Sorry for the mis spelling english is not my prime tung . :grin::heart:️:grin: