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Fun way to beat the T-Rex

Player 1: purrutaurus
Player 2: purrutaurus
Player 3: purrutaurus
Player 4: purrutaurus

Round 1

P1. ID, FI, ID (if needed)
P2. ID, FI, ID (if needed)
P3. FI, ID, Strike (if needed)
P4. FI, ID, Strike (if needed)

Round 2

P1. FI, ID, FI
P2. FI, ID, FI
P3. FI, ID, FI
P4. FI, Strike, FI

(Edited to replace the non-existent Rampage with Fierce Impact-my apologies on incorrect move names.)

Enjoy and have fun at Ludia’s inability to test things out properly before releasing them into us


Purutaurus doesn’t have a Rampage move. That said, it’s still a cool strat.

u could also just use 4 pyroraptors:
pounce, cunning strike, repeat
4 procerathomimuses:
cunning strike, cunning strike, distracting rampage, repeat
OR any mixture of procerathomimuses and pyroraptor

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Or Erlikogammas as well

It kind of make sense, cunning against fierce.

It’s not like you can beat it with 4 Haast eagle lvl 6 (you still need to kill it in 20 turn).

It is funny so :slight_smile:

You can also kill mortem with four poukaidei.

poukaidei is a legendary. you can’t use it for trex raid

As you can kill rex with four time the same epic cunning Dino, you could kill mortem with four poukaidei

no, you can’t use poukaidei because you can only use commons, rares and epics for the trex(and for sinoceratops too)

He’s saying you can use Poukaidei for MORTEM raids. Not Rex raids.

oh oops

it still wont work because:
the minions
mortem has cleansing moves
even if they survive, they have only strikes so it will not be enough to take mortem down in 20 turns

Interesting strategy :eyes:

Seems fun! Another fun strat, two turn win: 2x gorgo, carno, trex

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Dilophosaurus: my time has come


I’m curious - has anyone tried 4 Haasts?

This is the best one : kill turn 2 eachtime without rng, it’s relaxing :wink:

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4 pyroraptors or proceras can’t distract enough times unless proceras use 2 ID on the second round when Trex has the boost. It can be done (my Top500 alliance members did it the following day) with two puros and 2 suchutators using DoT on him in between ID’s. Second round requires 300% distraction with his 50% resistance and 50% increase in attack. But 4 puros does it in 4 or 5 turns depending if any of them have boosts or not.

And I apologize for saying rampage, I meant the Fierce Impact, not FR. Anyways it’s a fun way to do it and everyone walks out with full health.

What about trexs 50% increase in attack on round 2?

within the 2 turns before he attacks with the attack boost (since the move has priority), you will definitely use cunning strike once which will remove the attack increase

You’re absolutely right, completely slipped my mind that Ci takes attack increase away. Smart. Now I wanna try 4 pyroraptors. I originally wanted that as the team but then my puro is boosted so I figured I’d try that out and got some alliance members to test it with 3 more. I’m gonna post another interesting strat for Sino where you can get Maxed out damage.

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