Funky chicken time

FINALLY got my funky chicken. Question is…who shall she replace?


Grats!!! Id replace the bird.

Hmm perhaps at least until I get some more Alanqa DNA to level it more. I love the bird, excellent IRex counter…but sadly as I’m still in Sorna, I’m no where near access to the DNA.

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I would keep the bird at all costs, not only can you hard counter Indominus (of which there are a lot of at your rating) but also hard counters raptors, nothing better than swapping in invincibility bird right as the raptor uses pounce, hitting it with SS and seeing it run for its life on its next turn haha!

I would remove Spinatahsuchus (spelling?) and put Invincibility emu in its place!


nooooo I looove my Spinotasuchus! She’s been a dream dino!


She’s won countless battles for me since I made her and it’s only been a few days.

Just a suggestion from what I can see :stuck_out_tongue:, if its working well for you then keep it :wink:

Edit: Maybe Allosino? Sino DNA is hard to find so you will prob be at its current level for a while to come! Or maybe Megan? (personally id go with allo)

I would say either Allosino or Utasino. It’s gonna take TONS of Sino dna to keep leveling both, so one may eventually find the bench anyways. Perfect time to send em packin.

I actually come across loads of Sino. Remember my post the other day where I came across four in two days without even leaving my house? Its not even an epic I scramble out of the house for if it spawns out of range because I know I’ll see several more.


Though I am considering taking one of the Sino hybrids off my team. I love them both and they’re both amazing for their roles. But even with all the Sinos I find it’ll be tough to keep them both levelled enough once I get to higher levels. I love Utasinoraptor because of it’s speed and it has a unique so I lean that way mostly, but I have a hard time letting go of Allosinos health and shield breaking abilities.

Ohhh I see, its like a Unicorn for me…only rarer LOL. Actually im not sure if I have ever seen more than ONE wild Sino since ive been playing, all my DNA came from when it was an event Dino =/.

If you have them showing up all the time then disregard my suggestion :wink:

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Megalo I have a hard time parting with because of it’s 1x counter. That’s a free attack each turn.

UGH it’s so hard to kick anyone off my team. I NEED MORE SLOTS. :sob:

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Based off of everything you have told me in this thread its def pointing towards losing invincibility bird, but that being said you don’t have anything else on your team with Invincibility so, the loss will hurt I fear!

Ah Sino…the green unicorn. Saw one in the wild this week for the first time in a few months.

Around me it’s more like a green pigeon. All over the place!

Without invincibility bird I fear that when you run into an Indominus (which will be often in Sorna) its gunna be pretty much a guaranteed Dino death for you! Unless you got something with a shield on your deck with enough health to swap into and survive the half hit!

I would consider going outside in my pj’s if one showed up in my L3.

Stegod can handle an indom.

I also vote for booting alanky… its gonna end up happening due to dna… and you have megla for indoms…

And I also agree if your gonna end up dropping a sino hybrid… go with allo… cause utah is force and the unique is even more of a force.