Funky chicken time

I know. And I love my bird so much. But my team is going to soon outgrow it. Most of my team can already be levelled and Alankylo will be left behind at 17 for months thanks to the DNA being exclusive in an arena I have no hope of reaching anytime soon. :disappointed:

Agreed. I vote to kick alanky.

Im sure there will be another Epic bird event soon since they were just added to the game!

Anyways I do see you have a hard choice to make, I have the same problem with my team!

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…and remember, Monomimus literally does it all. HP is her only problem.

I hope not! We had them for like a month!

Well if you don’t have invincibility bird (Epic version or Legendary) I can see why you wouldn’t want it again, but since Alankylo is a staple member of my team I want all the Alanqa’s I can get my darts on LOL.

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I booted Alanky. As painful as it was. She’s in the corner now not speaking to or looking at me. :rofl:


Lol poor invincibility bird.

But I have a feeling you will soon be saying While looking at Indominus rex enemy “Really wish I had swap-in invincibility right about now” lol. Hopefully not but I can see it happening!

I don’t really like the birds myself but I just cant live without swap-in invincibility at my rating!

I know, and I loved it too. But I just bumped my Utasino to almost 20. Alanky will be the weakest link, much sooner than later. She’s simply too low a level. Hopefully I can bring her back in whenever we have another bird event.

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you don’t need the bird. megalosuchus and stegodeus and now monomimus are all IREX counters.

instant charge buff is cool. i tried it for a bit, but too many tanks means utasino still dies way to easily. i’d switch it for rajaky probably especially if you are still worried about IREX. or maybe tryostronix since you only have 1 shattering dino.

Keep us all informed how your battles go after losing invincibility bird, im curious myself to know if its possible at our ratings to play successfully in an Indominus infested arena without invincibility!

Would love to free up a place on my team for something else, nearly unlocked Megalo so would love to give it a go!

Definitely find a place for Megalo. Most people don’t seem to care for her but I love her. She has a full damage counter so you literally get two attacks each turn.

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I definitely think she deserves a buff though, no question about it.

Like @CleverBoy said, you also have rajaky and tryo to consider. They’re both on my team. Tryo let’s me down a lot, but I’ve also seen her decimate my team.

I’ve been thinking about swapping Allosino for one of them. I had Dilorano on my team for a bit too and loved it. Only took it off to make space when I made Spinotasuchus because it’s the love of my life. :heart_eyes:

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Nice! Good to have options.

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Who are you gonna drop when you unlock indo?:open_mouth:

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No, allosino is too good to lose, mine can 1v1 a stegodeus 3 levels higher and win every time.

If used properly utahsino can kill a stegogod multiple levels higher then you… i normally take out ones 3 levels higher… and the ones 4 level highers are at a stage where their easy tryox bait… most stego players clense on turn 1, they get stunned on turn 2 and by that time superiority strike has worn off and utah can land his big crit. At this point stego is most likely dead and utah has only been hit by one superiority strike

If the stegodeus player is bad they lose. Thagomizer and then rampage after the stun wears off will win the fight against the two.