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Funny Easter egg

Julia/Seth/Jamie taking a shot at Hugo/Marco

I love all the little Easter eggs. :rofl: My favorite so far is the Susan/Brett - Franz one.

It also works for Alice and Eve which I forgot, there’s an early question with Makoa referencing Bex, Dr Vile and I think Nicholas/Elizabeth

Aesha/Sam referencing 0Z0

Angel referencing Aesha and the prison guy

Ingrid’s band mate mentions the company Angel/Emmalyn briefly was associated with

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Okay this killed me. :rofl:

Albert/Jonathan mentions Zayn/Charlie’s movie :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I also notice in Sheng’s story that Thomas is Rain(if i named him correctly) and that Ingrid is picks/sticks? in Franz their story and now im curious is it the other way around as well? (Like in Thomas and Ingrids story)