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Funny name for dinosaurs

So I have nothing to do so we play a game. This is a game called funny names for dinosaurs. So I will be the first one to tell.

Entelochops: Pork Chop

Diorajasaur : ZA WARUDO



Moschops: Pork chop
Entelochops: Furry chop

Velo: fast lizard boi

Entelomoth : Crazy Bacon

Tylacoleo: knife tooth

Purutarus:Fake Indo 2.0
Purrolyth:Fake Indo
IG2:One Punch Man(if you are a CS Spammer you would know what it means :wink:

IG2 is One Punch Man because he just needs to spam CS to win, and since CS is a strike move, it technically counts as a punch(look at the animation).

Thankfully I’m not

Gemini is Big Chungus
Maxima is Byrne (idc thats my name for it)
Indo2 is shiny, or when heavily boosted, IndoRat
Erlidom is Freddy Krueger/Johnny
Spinoconstrictor is Apophis
Tryko is Deja Vu? (A living tank, but I thought that was anky?)

Indoraptor gen2= ANNOYING BOI