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Funny Nicknames

So I know we all have funny nicknames for our creatures, so I thought this would be a good place to showcase them. These are some of mine

Gamma is Revali (After the BotW Champion)

Grylenken is crockatoo (not mine but I use it)

Indo2 is shiny (cause he’s a shiny indo1)

Spinocon is SNEEEEEEK (ima snek meme)

Gemini is Big Chungus

Moth is Malladus (He gives me the same feel Malladus did during my Spirit Tracks playthrough)

Maxima is Byrne (Another st reference, this time from being hated to loved, let’s hope the last part doesn’t happen)

What are some other nicknames y’all have?


I see we have a Zelda fan here. I actually don’t have any nicknames for my creatures. If they added the feature though, I would.

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Lol quarantine has given me a lot of time on my hands


Lolz I call EnteloChops, Pork Chop (not mine), and Meiolania (Oogway). Though @Slogokok34 might not agree with me

Oh yeah porcus is the pig o corn

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you just called it

Lil Kapro is obviously my Kapro.
Domi (erlidominus)
Spikes (erlikospyx)
Rin (utarinex)
Moo Moo (carnotarkus)
Smaximus (ardentismaxima)
Goat (tenontorex)
Gemini doesn’t really have a nickname, maybe Gem.

Hence big chungus because he’s big chungus and chungus hit hard in memes culture

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I call:
Procerathomimus- The Christmas Ostrich (She’s the next big holiday icon)

Purutaurus-Bendy :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:(No, the emojis are not part of the nickname, but the do always occumpany it)

Spinoconstrictor-Manda (those last two are the only ones I use masculine pronouns for, aside from the organinal Indoraptor, which is canonically a male anyways)

Alankylosaurus- The Lava Wyvern

Entelomoth-Pound Cake (not mine, but I thought it was really funny)

Stygidaryx-Checkers (named after one of Stitch’s cousins from Lilo and Stitch the Series, though I don’t remember his experiment number off the top of my head)

And I think that’s about it.

Forgot one. Me and my friend landed on Freddy Cougar for Erlidom as our own nickname for it. I suggested it personally because I know that some people call it the “Nightmare Chicken”.

I call Smilocephalosaurus sometimes Smiley or Viking Tiger.
Woolly Mamoth, Manny.

I’m not fat I’m poofy


I call smilonemys “Quarterback” bc its head looks like a helmet that an NFL player would use

I think some players call Mammotherium “Mother”.
@Detonatress, what about Stevia?

Yeah Stevia the Inostrancevia. Though was showing the nicks of my team.

I always call geminititan mini as its’s ironic and cute

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Ooooooof man I feel bad

Nice nickname, Doofenshmirtz. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh boy the nostalgia comes in full force

My ardentismaxima is named Dorime
My Monostego is Apyr
My Tenontorex is Bacon
My Keratoporcus is Sleep Paralysis Demon
My Geminititan is Jah
My Smilonemys is Boomer
And due to this being a kid friendly server I am not allowed to state my nicknames for Indo g2 and Procerathomimus