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Furious that Ludia robbed me of BDNA

I am Livid. I was already furious at the additions of playable bosses but figured I could roll with it after getting the more balanced Juggernaut 32. About 2 days ago I finally unlocked Milk Jug, and everything was fine.

Before her release I saved up about 5k BDNA because I hated Omega 09. A few days back I finally reached 16k BDNA to unlock her, and I did so with 3 missions remaining:

Then when I unlocked her those last 3 missions were taken away and I lost out on 5600 BDNA… All because I was not satisfied with Omega.

Nowhere did it say that those missions would be taken away once she’d be unlocked.

God I despise this update and the previous one where playable bosses were introduced… They are awful wave battles that yield god-awful RNG prizewheel rewards where 40% of the chance is worthless quantities of food and/or coins…

And my previous prediction was right once Juggernaut became obtainable:

I am beyond done with bosses, not even for the SDNA it rewards in the daily missions. I cannot wait until they fade into the pit of worthlessness like Gyrospheres.

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We did discuss this a few times here on the forums after “discovering” this with Omega 09 and then when those that also made the same mistake with Juggers. A lot of us slowly leveled up Omega to keep from hitting the dreaded green unlock button by accident until we completed all of the Boss missions for Juggers.

RIP Missions for Boss DNA.

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Among other places, it was mentioned here


Don’t watch GB, and don’t read every thread esp around holidays. Thus I feel my anger is justified. I would have waited if I knew they’d go away after I unlocked her.

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Yeah that is correct as well however there are many things that Ludia does not tell us, we got to know it from the Forum… Ferocity calculation, certain tactics, Trade Harbor, etc. but we read the Forums thus we know of it… You got unlucky not reading them but to be honest your anger is very much justified.


Not saying your anger isn’t justified, just saying we did discuss it on the forum a few times in a couple of threads. Now you know as well, and hopefully a few others after seeing this thread so that for future playable bosses folks will have some additional knowledge about this unfortunate functionality.