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Furry Gorgonops (Creature file #221)

Furries has enters the chat. Sorry, guys not today. Oh, hey! What’s up y’all? Good? Great! Anyway, Today, we’ll be taking a look at a Gorgonops that has extra fur, but not too furry. Ahem. Everyone, meet Purlovia.

Rarity: Epic

Health: 3250

Damage: 1140

Speed: 131

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%



Cunning Rampage

Distracting Rampage

Resistance: 100% Crit Reduction and Distraction

Possible hybrid: Purussmaxima , Fuse with Purussaurus and Purlovia

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4510

Damage: 1150

Speed: 130

Armor: 20%

Critical: 20%


Vulnerability Strike

Ferocious Impact

Cunning Rampage

Distracting Rampage

Passive: No Escape

Resistance: 100% Crit Reduction and Distraction

  • It was named in 2011.

  • One thing that this creature have is fur. This could mean that Purlovia is more related to mammals than to reptiles.

  • Despite being a herbivore, it was classified as a carnivore in the game called Ark.

Whose fossil this belongs to?:

Do NOT click on the picture, and search it through any websites. I want to hear the answer from you.


And no, I’m not making fun of Furries

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Oh hey I’m early and I’m guessing that’s Thylacosmilus.

Nope. Keep trying

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10 ch

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So it must be Barbourofelis, since I think you already did Xenosmilus and Machairodus(?).

Barbaurofelis is correct

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The imposter Thylacosmilus


Thylacosmilus has been rejected

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Thylacosmilus was the imposter. 1 imposter remains

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And who’s that?

Dinictis. The false sabre tooth cat

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Hmm… that sus

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isnt it it thylacosmilus or the one from florida? I can’t remember the name except it’s name is like false saber cat or tooth

Who? Xenosmilus?

Wasn’t purlovia like tiny, i mean i know arctops wasn’t the bigest either but still, and i think this was a herbivore as well

Juat u wait till it gets a new animation where it digs and punces on u and gets 100% stun

You heard of Ark?

Yes, and got knocked off my whatever riding in the snow biome and then just sat there for 10 sec watching my creature take a tiny bit of dmg while wolves are getting closer and closer, untill i would shotgun it and get away

I’m not sure how big are they anyway