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Further explore adventures?

So what now?

I probably stringed out longer than necessary but I’ve finally completed explore mode (quite easily - was expecting more of a challenge given the max level) with a mixture of level 12/11 characters.

I also have a few legendaries for everyone save Naomlen, and have a trophy count of 2600 in arena 7.

Long story short I don’t see what else is going to keep me playing this game having achieved pretty much everything. I have been a VIP subscriber but now am struggling to see any reason to continue?

The ending of the explore mode does say that there will be more adventures but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I was eagerly awaiting the new paladin character but that’s only early access! Given that’s been severely pay- and time-locked till October I can only imagine further explore content is wayyy further down the line…

I don’t think any extra explore areas will be time locked for as long. That said I think I will probably finish explore once I get two or three more level 11 characters, and I have trouble finding a reason to want to keep playing too. Not interested in the new character, and I don’t care about PVP which has become a lot easier now that I have all the broken powers like regeneration, ranger push, and domination. As long as I don’t get suck with my three level 8/9 characters fighting a tricked out all 10/11 team I usually win.

Final upshot is yeah I foresee myself ending play in the next month or so, and I didn’t pay a dime! Pretty good value, but I’d love to have more adventures as long as the next explore set isn’t as grinds.