Fury bugs

This happens often

Cori’s turn is right before the enemies. She attacks with fury and the special to hit all enemies goes off and before the 2nd attack hits all enemies the turn swaps to the enemies and locks up the game. The attack animations take too long. Or the turn switches too fast before the attacks can complete. Forcing us to close app and restart. Annoying when it happens multiple times trying to complete a guild event. And even worse during a return event that doesn’t give the option to “continue” or “Leave” and lose all progress from the 4 room section. Please add like a 1-2 second delay when the turn swaps from our toons to the enemies to allow fury animations to complete.

Frozen after Cori with fury killed everything…

Hello Blazenkks. Would you mind reaching out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com so they can look into this? Thank you!

My experience too.


My 2 week ban is over and still no real response from anyone official. The email I sent as you asked was shuffled to a back burner if not just flat out ignored after I received the boiler plate response of we will look into it with no follow ups… again support gets the grade of F.

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This has been reported repeatedly. It was actually fixed at one point but then reappeared, since when it is being ignored. I very much doubt it will ever get fixed.
This is a good game but unfortunately the customer support does not match the very high costs.

The problem isn’t with support. The processes and decisions made at a higher level have hamstrung the people we can interact with. The company isn’t interested in spending the time, effort and money on fixing the systemic issues.

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This is still happening. Cori has Fury and the 2nd attack with Multiple enemies on screen takes so long that the next enemy in initiative tries to start its turn before Cori’s attack finishes and freezes the app. Can’t even use the in game “quit” menu have to force close app. And to compound the frustration if this happens in a Return event, an Explore event. Or even Normal Explore mode, force closing the app does not give the option to “Continue” from your last rooms progress you just have to start the 3 to 4 room section all over again and forced to reset your Parties initiative order which can be clutch to get through the first room… please add a delay or something between the time an attack ends and the start of the next enemies turn to allow fury attacks from toons that hit all opponents to finish their animations or Change the animations for toons that hit all to instead of firing a projectile at each mob. To simultaneously shoot projectiles at each. Or change the animation to do 1 attack that hits all at once like A few heroes already have.