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Fury Guardians Alliance is recruiting for good players, come on in

Fury Guardians Alliance ad.

Hey folks. Our family is looking to hire some good players…

4 clans recruiting at the moment

See below and PM to apply. Or ask for info. Either way, you give us your code and we invite you in the clan you want - and our homie server also.

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Hey again, our clans are still recruiting… Fury Guardians seeks for only 1 member, Fury Guardians Academy needs about 5 replacements, DragonsOfDeltora can use several new players and so does Dynasty, but we can release only 3-5 spots current time.

PM me to join. Featherwing#4871 on Discord, I’m more active there

P.S. This alliance uses Discord, we have a big and homey server we’ll request you join so you can have a full experience - like better advice.

Hello Vikings :slight_smile:

Fury Guardians Academy is looking for members to replenish what has been lost and grow back up. We defeat 8* :sunglasses:

We require 5000BP but preferably you’ll be on the 6000-7000 range so we cover our needs for heavy hitters :blush:

We use discord, you’re welcome to join our homey family’s server for dragon tips and fun :purple_heart:

Join us… Don’t hold back… Learn to unleash your inner fury in battle :fire:

PM me to get your spot… Here or at Featherwing#4871, Discord

(It’ll show 25/25 if you search… We release spots only specifically when contacted to protect ourselves from further harm. Hackers love this clan)

Hello again, we still have spots :upside_down_face:
We got 2 players last ad… Looking for 3 more 6000-7000 range players to replace inactives and keep going; we defeat 8* and are currently facing a 9… We want to defeat it…

PM here or on Discord for a spot in the clan, and our server also :relaxed: