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Fury Guardians Alliance looking for members

Hey everyone.
I haven’t been posting in here for a while, opting for other places, but it’s time to update the forums.
Fury Guardians Alliance has been a family of 3 for some time now, Fury Guardians (10* defeating), DragonsOfDeltora (faces/beats 3* and is in development), Fury Guardians Academy (hasn’t started development yet). We’re recruiting as follows:

Fury Guardians (Endgamers only)
We require 6000BP and daily activity of 6 bolts.
Members are rewarded with level 10 chests and a nice community.

DragonsOfDeltora (suitable for newbies)
No BP requirements, but for activity it is 3+ bolts daily
We accept all people, especially those who just got started in
Clan is under construction anyway; and in need of members as we lost 1 and there are inactives and empty spots. Current clan level is 3 and we’d like to maintain and grow more.

Fury Guardians Academy (suitable for newbies)
We accept beginners and people who need to grow their teams, preferably above 3000BP. Active people though.
Clan has yet to see a manual recruit, sadly.

All clans share a common server, which is any new recruit’s best interests to join.

Apply by posting below or send a pm to me,
Thank you


Hi! I’m looking for a clan a need to grow my team. I hope you can accept me in one. These my dragons:


Lol, you serious? You’re for up top :slight_smile:

Let’s figure out the details in pm. Definitely hiring you.