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Fury Guardians Alliance recruiting again :) -- 2nd clan, infinite 10s -- private now

Heys, Fury Guardians Alliance is recruiting again! :smiley:

Last time I posted it had been about losing the reins of our founder clan (Fury Guardians) to an inactive, and Ludia not helping. We started recreating our alliance then, as private.

The leading clan first, establishing it back up, 2nd clan came after - and we’re in the midst of reconstructing our 3rd.

Fury Guardians Academy, 2nd clan of the alliance and now on infinite 10s, is inviting you to join its battles against Alphas, a road to become a fury. :+1:

We’re asking for heavy hitters, 6000-7000 range, to help us make defeats easier. Some of our recruits went inactive.

Be a fighter, on time and use as much energy you can, according to daily instructions. :fire: We don’t ask too much

Join our server for better coordination, tips, news and fun :slight_smile:

We have 5 spots available… Apply by sending me on discord (Featherwing#4871), I’m not as active on the forums.

(You can also send request to join the clan in-game)

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