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Fury Guardians Clan is recruiting again, for 6- and 7- stars

Fury Guardians is a rather friendly community that has managed to grow to come face to face with a 6-star. In order to beat it we need to replace a few inactive players with more determined fellas, hence the new recruitment.

We seek English-speaking players with teams above 4000 BP, who are willing to participate in clan stuff on a daily basis. Unexcused inactivity of more than 2 days in battle will not be tolerated.

If interested, post your game id and code below so I can invite you.

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I´m looking for active clan where play more people than 3 or 5. My alpha team is currently 4500 BP and I play daily, usually 80 - 100k damage.

My game ID is attivo78#6194


Then it seems you’ve found a clan to settle in. :slight_smile:

Sending you an invite in a few mins.

We have 2 more spots available, currently.

Need 1 more player for our clan, ranging above 4000, daily active and able to use at least 5/6 energy.

Okay… Ability level can’t go to 11. Bug.

That was my thoughts…looked cool though

Yeah… But if only.

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I say that you leave this dragon alone for a while, contact ludia support with your email, using your support key and this picture. It’ll take a few days for them to get back to you, so you’ll have to level up other dragons in the meantime. Just to be on the safe side.

Their address is:

Yeah I will let them know at some point. Be lil while to get another 60 scales anyway

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Okay, but if you just mail this let’s say tomorrow, when you have the scales it’ll be ok to level up. Otherwise… With the slowness of support, you might need to wait longer.

Wish there were no bugs but… game’s full of them. :frowning:

No, it is just a visual error. This is a long term bug that they haven’t gotten around to fixing. No harm to keep leveling the drago

Are you sure, have you encountered it?

It jas been posted tons of times on forums, discord and Facebook, going back many months

Alright, @Talisax. I’ll take your word for it.

@AlphaAva, it seems it’s a visual bug after all. Won’t affect your levelling up the dragon. Hopefully.

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Emergency; we need 4 people to replace players who quitted all of a sudden. 4000BP minimum, daily active.

I just kicked an inactive player, so we’re back to 24/25. Looking for a powerful new recruit, just in case we can beat the 7-star we’re battling with.

Now on Discord. All members of our currently full clan are requested to join. (There will be no penalties for those who don’t, or won’t use it everyday though.)