Fury Guardians is still looking for members. Join and help us grow

Fury Guardians is a clan about Furies, a wonderful but endangered species of dragons, and humans working together to make the world safer for both dragons and humans.

We are a clan under development, which means we lack necessary members to go up the ranks, but… Despite being only two people, we have managed to do some Alphas in, now even consecutively if no errors in the game or network or issues in life happen. We have now moved to 2-stars, join us and help our small community grow.

We are looking for friendly, daily active players around 3000BP, though will consider lower in some cases if the person is active and passionate enough, English speaking and willing to do team work. A basis of communication will be required as well, inside and outside of the game, though no personal life has to be involved.
Unexcused absence of a week will mean you’re taking a permanent leave.

More information about the clan in PM, leave your game ID below if you’d like to join.

All humans and dragons welcome.

hy ,I’m a 39lvl player and I want to join in your clan

Uhm, hi @Sabo_Alex_Flavius. This ad is old, Fury Guardians are in an eternal loop of 10-stars we defeat daily… And the founders of a multi-clan alliance. I can’t guarantee I can get you in the leading clan at the moment, but we do have more high-level clans to get you in. Please message me in Discord (social app for gamers, but has also an online platform accesible via a computer browser) at Featherwing#4871 and we can make arrangements to settle you within the Fury Guardians Alliance. Thank you :slight_smile: