"Fury Guardians" is up to 4-stars, come help

Our clan “Fury Guardians” is now 22/25, looking for more members ABOVE 3700 battle points in order to defeat a 4-star. This new requirement is the same as the current Alpha’s. It may change in future.

We’re English speaking, friendly and active. You must be too.

Post your name and code here if interested.

Hi there, wouldn’t mind joining an active clan, not very talkative but always happy to contribute towards the alphas if you’ll have space. Current Battle team around 5000 points

I’m Bigkevs #0890 :slight_smile:

@Bigkevs Hello! Yes, we have space at the moment. I’m sending you an invite.

2 consecutive defeat of 4-stars, we’re upgrading again!!

Update: Currently full.