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Fury Guardians is up to 8-stars now, and looking for replacement players

Hello folks. Our clan upgraded again yesterday, we’ve been facing our first 8-star, and while we’re all happy about it we’ve got a few inactives holding us down. We’re looking to replace 2-3 players, with more dedicated ones that would use all energy and notify the clan - both in discord and clan chat - for any need to be absent. 4700BP, must know English.

Please state your game ID below if interested. Or pm me.

Hi, I’m looking for a new strong clan, I make 100k - 160k in every Alpha fight. BuduccaZ#8992.

You can rest assured our clan’s a serious one. Sending you an invite shortly :wink:

We need 1 more player guys

Currently full. :slight_smile:

Need replacement players. Around 5000BP, active and loyal. Anyone interested in battling an 8-star?

Currently full :slight_smile:

We need replacement players again. Who’s interested?

Are you still open for members?


We did find players when we needed, but we need to replace members from time to time. There’s always a candidate for booting and all that.

So, if you want to join us specifically, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait around 2-3 days and I’ll notify you.