Fury Guardians needs your support

Hey everyone. My clan “Fury Guardians” has been up for a while, but a successful recruitment never happened. A few people have come and went, but we need more members. Members who will stay and fight. And who will communicate at least a bit. And not need an everyday push in order to play. Around 3000BP, English speaking and friendly.

Why? We lost 2 good members lately - among a few rookies - while I was busy dealing with real life, and that is a significant loss because we were close to organizing the defeat of a 300k Alpha. And now we need to start from the beginning because of it. So, we need your support.

I understand some people play less now 'cause it’s summer. I do too. But let’s not forget about being a team when we pursue our own goals.

And let’s be patient about progress being slow when there are so many clans so that most get ignored before they can evolve.


For everyone that is wondering, my highest battle team is 4500BP+ and developing. Highest Alpha damage is 20K per battle but that happened only once. I can achieve 15K per battle more often nowadays and sometimes 18K. And I can definitely defeat a 1* raiding Alpha on my own - this I could do for sometime even before the big update, it just requires less energy of me as of now.

Support the furries, they need your help.

It’s furies, actually. But yeah. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I honestly need at least 2 more members of my calibre willing to do teamwork for tomorrow’s Alpha. My 100k damage per day just isn’t enough for 300k Alphas. Anyone interested in lending a helping hand?

Hello could I join the clan please I’m currently 4800 but soon to be 5250 I’m active everyday!

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Hey Matt, of course I’d like to have you in my clan.

You, uhh, can join at your leisure, the clan is open to public and I’ll be there later and we can strategize regarding the game. And if you’re experiencing any problems with clan chat, or with finding a chat, you can let me know here - in a comment or private message - and we’ll see what we can do. I’ll be sure to check my inbox.

I look forward to working with you in clan events,



If you still want to join, that is.

Ah, so, okay, that didn’t work out in the end. Is there anyone who’s not a complete rookie, interested in joining a clan under reconstruction and willing to participate in clan events everyday? We still need members, obviously.

Hello guys!

@Valentin_Mintar Hello! Wanna join?

Still need members guys.

We’ve lost another low-range member and the oldest one somehow is not so active these days, but… Since I made adds here and on Fb, we’ve gained two active members and are now doing better. We’re close to defeating a 2-star Alpha, and while, yes, Shellfire was thought to be easy, this time it seemed stronger and my damage decreased a lot, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. Therefore, I can definitely say we’re closer to progress than before, and whoever wants to join and lend a helping hand come next Alpha, they still can. Thanks.

Your persistence is admirable!

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Thank you!

Update: With 3 new members we’ve finally defeated a 2-star. Without even using all energy.

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Need more people for the upcoming 3-star. Anyone interested?

Still need people. After defeating the second 2-star, a Foreverwing, a 3-star is on its way. You could help us take it down.


And we’ve also gained a few new members, though we need more. For a 4-star’s sake.

(Check new post.)