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Fuse is way more 10 now?

or is it just me?

average can no way be 20 as it used to be it must be closer to 15?

this game is for sure the most grindy experience you can have on planet earth…

You should only be multi-fusing x250 anyway. From what I can see anything less is a waste of your time, resources and screws you into grinding more without knowing. No one should ever individually fuse ever again nor even multi-fuse less than x250. It’s just not worth it anymore.

Ok good advice im just gonna go dart 125.000 of that wierd bird now!

Hey I’ve got my work cut out for me. I have to collect like 2,200,000 Deoxyribonucleic Acid total per every x250 fuse over my entire Strike Team.

AWESOME!!! thanks for the new word i didnt know the long version of “DNA” until you wrote it! (seriously)

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Hasn’t changed.

I can see why it’s a waste of time, but resources? It’s the same as fusing 250 times.

I know what you mean, but really I don’t think so at all. You’ll get more negative results. Have you done a bunch of x250’s? Try it first hand.

When you increase your sample size the results come closer to the average. It’s just probability. It probably feels more rewarding than fusing individually, but you get the same amount of DNA.

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Not a bunch. But I know I’d get around 5k on average. It’s with 5k or 5.5k depending on how precise you want to be.

I don’t believe it. Simply because this game is designed to screw you. 10’s are great when you do them individually, but I see more high numbers this way. Also I have the added benefit of only leveling what I use so that means I never lose out on big numbers like others because I can’t waste them on something not on my Strike Team.

Ugh, this again…
There is such a thing as fuse tables, some dinos have slightly better fuse rates than others, that’s all there is to it.
It’s just a hunch, you have no proof, and if you have a large enough sample size with thorough records of all your fuses you will not get to the same conclusion.

Exactly. The game bunches the fuses together so it looks like you get more. It’s the total that matters. Fusing individually you have an average of around 20, I think it’s closer to 22. If you look at the total you get when you multifuse you’ll find that you’ll get on average the multiplier of the fuse times 22.

So for a 250x fuse it’ll be around 5.5k. The deviations will get bigger the smaller the fuse multiplier is.

Im gonna buy Ludia and implement a system where the employees have to create a lvl 30 magnapyritor every month before they get their salaries.

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I get it. I’ve seen what you’re talking about, but consider me versus the average player. I’m right there. Most of you will lose out simply because you’re not going to play as tight as I do.

I have no idea what you mean.

I forgot about the tables. I know that that impacts how likely you are to get a particular number, like how 20s are commoner on Allosino, but does that impact the overall average for that creature?

Believe it or not, Magna was my fuse nemesis. But as I got it to 30 in the end, I noticed that I DID get some very high fuses every now and then. A couple of 50+ and even 70, the last 2 levels didn’t take as long as I expected.

Yeah it does, but the percentages are relatively close to each other.

I’m going to stick with x250. Any game ever always has better odds when you do the most at a time and that’s just a fact. The average means nothing. It works out better for you all actually than me. Given how wide range you all play. There is always a better chance to fuse more.

You’re not taking into account the grinding. From a standpoint of grind if you go individually on something like Trykosaurus. Look at the amount of Epic Deoxyribonucleic Acid you need from THREE different dinosaurs. If you are not buying incubators and are not playing like an addict it will take a minute to get those. I mean longer than other hybrids, it’s three Epic dinosaurs. So it is way worse to fuse individually and get 10 and have to re-grind when you can just multi-fuse in one go. You end up getting bigger numbers on some Common and you end up grinding longer than me. For me you could have a point, but for the average player most actually I’m very much right here just based on that alone.

At the end of the day I’ll grind less than everyone else in the game, period.