Fuse system: are you kidding me ludia?

I got 2 100 fuses last night. Suchotator and Nodopatotitan. Then all 10s the rest of the night :expressionless:


VIP’s get enough for their $9.99 a month, they don’t deserve a boost on fuses.

Remind me what we get again …


Can’t believe it. My under leveled 10 fusing Tator still buried strike events even before boosts :joy::rofl:

By the power of Greyskull… :open_mouth: Sucho-Envy

I think it could work if u only made it so all that were going to be 10s are 20s, but it shouldnt increase the chance of anything higher than that. Or even if u just got 1/2 as many 10s


Yes remind vip members what they get lol. A small boosted distance and a small amount of extra time. Its not enough to keep people who get frustrated around.

If there was some other perks they would get far less “cancelling vip” threats. Atm those little things aren’t enough for 120.00 a year. That’s guaranteed money the bread and butter of the game.

Not only less threats, but I believe more would sign up. And they could get some who cancelled back on.

I canceled vip in decemeber played free to play from then till boosts came out… spent between 30-40 dollars on boosts…

Even with the enhance fuse system… 2 weeks of speed boosts> then multiple months of vip.

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i want to hear less and have unsubscribed from your newsletter.


I think increasing the minimum fuse from 10 to 15 would suffice. It would help out but without making uniques super easy to level.

10 is way too low considering the sheer amount of resources needed to make have a single pop.

My last 5 fuses on Thor have all been 10s, that’s a LOT of darted tarbo wasted!

Oh and not to mention 1000 coins each try!


VIP here in Australia is $14.99 so it’s even worse!

This would be great. :+1:

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Just got straight 7x 10 DNA fuses on my Unique … it was 20, then 7x 10, then 20

why not simply make “rand” fuse code to a simple random from 10 to 100, or something similar, without “chances of 10” treatment?

That’s almost correct when the exchange rates are considered. $9.99 USD is about $14.49 Australian Dollars.

Oh ok, didnt think of that. Just use to all electronic based things like games and phones and everything always being more expensive here lol.

You know what though if they start including fives in their fuse values, I would much rather get a 20 than a 15. I agree that anything is better than a 10 though

thanks, the app helped me a lot. :wink:

unfortunately i go SO MANY 10 FUSE, that 4700+ suchomimus dna was not enough, i ended with 3300 suchotator.


I got my sucho to a 26 and when I was fusing it came out to be approx 2000 suchomimus for 1000 tator. I’m glad the app helped! :grinning:

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