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Fuse system is sucks, I have to press again and again

Fuse system is sucks, I have to press again and again! Does this game have a easy way to fuse inside of press again and again when you have thousands of DNAs

If you’ve already unlocked the hybrid, press Multi Fusion. It allows you to fuse up to x250 times at once.

It require lvl17 to unlock and I haven’t reach lvl17 yet! But thanks for telling me that. I am glad to know it!

Would be nice if they’d lower it to 10 or 13.


I think they should just let any level player have access to multi fuse. I mean, what can go wrong?


It can go wrong due to coin lock (noobs don’t usually have a ton of coins, and it’s gonna make the noobs spend) just lock it until level ten

By noob I mean level 5 and under

Actually early and end gameers usually have the most coin. Early bc no creatures to level up and endgame bc they win in every epic strike tower

I just hope if they can lower the the required lvl for multi fuse, I am only lvl 13 and it’s way from lvl 17

More like level 14 or 15 shpuld be fine

level 8 would be good… Rare hybrids buddy

But they are the ones that make that decision, not the multi fuse button. I don’t know why we have to wait so long to fuse Purrolyth lol

Only those that had to fuse Purrolyth all the way from level 6 to 20 without multifuse way back in the day know the true pain of fusing.


Oh man that was a pain and a half. It took an hour for me to get it from level 19 to level 20

Yes but it does not kick in till lvl 17 which I tjink is too late. It should kick in sooner

will kicking in sooner.! :smiley: