Fuse TOOK AWAY Points!

Ok so after reading up on the new strike tower, Indecided to level up Suchotater. I hit that fuse button…and it tells me -66!

Sure enough, It straight up stole 66 fuse points from me! Has this happened to ANYONE else? I dont need this kinda stress in my life. Gotta take a pic next time.

This will happen if you have more than one account on a device, and one account has the dna and another doesnt.


Acct1 has 100 stegoreca dna
Acct 2 has 20
Acct 2 fuses. Gets a 30. But you see -50. You now have 50.

You didnt actually lose dna. Its a display bug.

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This is correct, happened to me once. Until I realized that was the case I was pretty enraged too.

Dont have two accounts. Only the one. It’s very odd.