Fuse with a Baryonyx, a sloth, and a Megalosaurus (Creature file #192)

Oh. Silly me

That creature is Elephantosaurus.

Elephantosaurus is correct. How did you know that?

The art style looked very familiar to a couple depiction of some megafauna I saw on Google Images some time ago; such as Deinotherium and Elasmotherium (Caucasicum). So I looked up for Deinotherium; since that the was the first thing I thought of when seeing that drawing; and found the artist’ name and his DeviantArt account, and to extension Elephantosaurus.
This is the Deinothere and Elasmothere that I’m referring to btw.

Nice. Great job on it

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By the way, look closely and you can the artist’s watermark is also on the elephantosaurus and megalonyx.

Yes. I see it

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I thought it was a Placerias just 'cause of the teeth.

Placerias tusks does not pointed it down