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Fuses for Ardontosaurus

I was wondering if anyone had this happen, but everytime I fuse for Ardontosaurus I get very few 10s, and instead get many higher ones, like 40s, 50s, 60s etc. It’s been like this each time I fuse, so I’m wondering if it’s just awesome luck or it actually happens to everyone.

I think it’s just awesome luck, I was trying on mine and max I got was 20…


For me I actually get surprised when I get a 10, it’s just that rare. No other Hybrid I fuse for gives me this much awesome fuses.

I just got my Ardontosaurus through 18 and up to level 20 to start Maxine on my 1st account.

I was getting a good amount of all, more 10’s of course but even amount of 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and even a couple 50’s.

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There are some dinos where I see frequent high numbers in fuses. For me, it’s Utasinoraptor, Indoraptor Gen 2 and Purrolyth.

Meanwhile, Paramoloch and Tuora HATE me. 10s all around. I unlocked Manga before I unlocked Tuo, to give you an idea of how long it took.

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Hello, Maxine! :grin:
And my fuses were:

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10s after 10s after 10s. make this 103 in a row.

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That sucks

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