Fuses on Magna

Just created this topic to ask you if i had luck in this fuses…
First fuse

Second fuse

Third fuse

Fourth fuse

Fifth fuse

Impressive! This is still the record I think:



4 fuses??? My god. I have never seen it before

170 / 5 = 34 average. not bad…

i didn’t have luck with any unique unlock fuses… all were novels to do. except trykosaurus, that i unlocked in 3 dart sessions thanks to that nice sunday.

10, 10, 10, 10, 10, and 10. Pyrritator. Damn.

Can I have like half your Dime DNA? XD

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Wait, how did you go from 13000 dime DNA to 0 in 5 fuses?

I took the print when the DNA was floating on the screen.


Ah that makes sense! I was like “Ludia took your 13,000 DNA for a single fuse?!” Though I might not put it past them :wink:

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He was the one I had the most 10’s on. Took forever :sleeping: diloraich is second on the list. Had good fuses on him but the fuses on dilorano… I dare not even mention them

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Of course you are lucky. I am tearing my *** for magna and I got 120 dna from 8 fuses !

Sixth fuse

I feel bad for you D:

I didn’t have a single ten on Magna yet. It’s by far my best unique fusing process

Seventh fuse.
Almost there!!!