Fusible apex poll

The newest poll has us choose 2 fusible apex dinos and 1 will get into the game. Thoughts on the options? The creatures are:

Compsoscorpios (Compsocaulus + Scorpios rex GEN 3) Cunning-Fierce

Geminideus (Geminititan + Stegodeus) Resilient

Indonemys (Indominus rex + Smilonemys) Cunning-Fierce

Keratolania (Mammolania + Keratoporcus) Fierce-Resilient

Monolocevia (Monolometrodon + Albertocevia) Wildcard

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For me it’s obvious
No more Carno, Indom, or Albert Hybrids Albertocevia was just released and is already a high tyrant, Albertospinos is also a good pick, and nonhybrid Albert is a dominating force in rare advantage tournaments.
Scorpius Rex Gen 3 and IndoT are both amazing creatures to use in the arena that tons of people have invested in and Carnotarkus is an excellent pic for a legendary tournament.
Indominus Rex also has two hybrids that are probably both getting buffed this update, we know that Indoraptor is getting buffed this update for sure, and Erlidom will probably get buffed too. Also, Smilonemys shares Carbonemys DNA which is needed for Testacornibus, which is needed for Arctovasilas, one of the OTHER fusable apexes.
Stegodeus has been here basically since the beginning, and it definitely deserves a hybrid.
Keratoporcus, while not on the list of creatures that need hybrids the most, also deserves a hybrid for sure.
Everyone vote Geminideus and Keratolania!


Comp + Scorp is completely busted and we don’t need another broken flock creature to terrorize literally everybody.

Geminideus conceptually is cool but just feels like Gigaspika (who even remembers that guy) with extra steps.

Indonemys is absolutely stupid and it seems that no one learned from Indoraptor gen 2 and Indotaurus. The fact that people, especially younger people, are baited into yet another dumb fierce Indominus shlock is just depressing.

Keratolania is the most based out of all of them as one, we need more mammalian superpowers, also its a good complimentary asset to Arctovasilas. Also it just looks cool compared to everyone else.

Monolocevia genuinely makes me feel like the concept artist had no idea what to do with it so they just barfed this out. also im tired of seeing albertosaurus everywhere.


Agree 100%

Compsoscorpios. we don’t need to make the indom family bigger, Gemini is just a apex nodopatosaurus , Keratolania just why, we need more alberta DNA for the monolocevia.

Compsoscorpios looks so cute!

Problem is gameplay. Compsocaulus and Scorpios G3 are already among the top non-apex cunnings, we don’t exactly need another powerhouse. It’s gonna be Phorurex all over again.

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This is exactly what I’ve been saying. And I agree 100%. They’re baiting others into hybrids that include creatures from the movies or shows.


How I think new Apex should be like let’s see if they’re balanced…