Fusing and chests


Some of us can’t play all day long and some of us can’t go out every 6 hours for a chest. I get to play once a day usually for about an hour or so unless my best friend is free to hang out then I get 3 hours of play time. This hurts me so bad when playing this game because when paired with my bad luck it means I need even more dinosaurs to do fuses and omg coins as well. Every time I fuse a dinosaur I get a 10. I rarely get anything above 20 and when I do it’s on something stupid like a diplotator! Please fix these issues otherwise I won’t be spending a dime on your game and I will stop recruiting people to play. As of right now, I got about 4 people added to your game because it was so much better than Pokémon Go. Now, it’s getting worse steadily!