Fusing Dino's


Please Ludia, change something with this. Working hard to find dino’s - getting just enough DNA to fuse and ending up with 10 DNA… This has stalled the games progress.


Agree. The “Curse of the 10s” is seriously slowing down our hybrids’ levelling.


They need to get rid of the 10 and 20


I have been working towards Indominus Rex for a while and still have 150 DNA to go, it’ll take 15 fusions to get there… :man_facepalming:


Yeah, it can be annoying at times…but patience is key. I can’t imagine that Ludia would change the fusing system for the time being, but you’re sure to get lucky with fuses more frequently than you might expect.

I’m also working toward I-Rex, and just last week I got 70 DNA from one fuse…so it’s not impossible to get more than 10 DNA per fuse. It’s just more likely that you’ll get somewhere between 10-30 DNA per fuse.

Best of luck!


I don’t mind 10s on anything… except the hybrids thy require Arena-exclusives. There should be a guaranteed minimum of 20 for them (Pyrritator, Magnapyritor, Paramoloch, any others?)


Monomimus too! You need 500 per fuse :unamused:


wait until you try erlidominus and you need 200 erlikosaurus per fuse :dizzy_face:
really looking forward to tomorrow for the anky event. can’t wait to try trykosaurus at what i’m assuming is 200 TREX per fuse.


I posted this on the saddest moments thread, but it’s relevant here too.

I have no idea if there’s anything to this, but I never fuse if the dino I’m fusing or one of its base dinos is in my current lineup. I’ve run tests on my Stegoceratops and when it is in my lineup, I get mostly 10 dna per fuse. I then tested taking it out of my lineup and got the following fuses… 30/30/10/40/20/30/20/20/30/20/10/10/30/50/10/30/20/20. Then I put it back in my lineup and got mostly 10s again.

It could have been pure luck / bad luck though.


I forgot about her!! I got lucky tho, I started her just a couple days before Galli was first in the event. So I had it relatively easy, especially since I live in Mono-habitat.


i’ve fused stegodeus for 100 with it in my lineup


I appreciate everyone’s input! Great game and will keep playing - just wish there were a few less 10’s and more 20’s - 50’s!


Yeah getting rid of 10s would not make sense, they just need to be made less common


The way I would guess it to be is if they got rid of the 10’and 20’s they would just raise or double the amount needed for the whole fuse of the dino. I know what you mean though because my fuse dinos know me as King of the 10.


Ha ha, they must have listened. Just got 60 DNA for my stegoceratops! :joy: