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Fusing dinos


Hi everyone, I’m currently fusing my T. rex and raptor. But it keeps giving me 10. Is there a system to how much you get on each fuse? Or is it completely random? Does anybody have an answer for this?? Or anybody have a way of getting higher dna when fusing??

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It is random. Or that’s what I’m led to believe :laughing:
Some of us pretend there are tricks.
Like time of day for fusing, or turning the dino a certain angle or during the fuse.
But really, it is as random as the rest of the game.


Pretend?!? You just dissed my one superpower - unless you think the 70, 50 fuses I just got on Dilo were “RNG” :rage:



Thank you. 10s are just the worst. Especially having to find T. rex dan in the first place

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Haha, you aren’t pretending. I thought it was a secret and I wasn’t supposed to let the cat out of the bag :zipper_mouth_face::joy:


You’re welcome. I find that I get beautiful fuses on other dinos. The coveted ones seem to be nonstop 10’s for me.


I bet you got the 70 and 50 fuses cause your super VIP huh.


If you hold your phone upside down and fuse you get higher numbers :+1: thank me later!

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I think timing helps. I get high fuses at certain times on dinos, always high. Just gotta find that sweet spot :wink:

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There’s a lot of “tricks” ppl come up with. There’s one theory that each Dino has a high dna point during their animations. So if you click on your Dino and fuse while it’s at a certain point in its animations you’ll get a lot more. Never rly tried it tho personally.

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It’s all confirmation bias, anyone that says ‘this always works when fusing’. Really, that’s all it is.

We’ve all got our little timing or trick, what have you, to try and get better fuses on dinos.

I’m sure I could blame the two 100’s I got on Suchatator earlier on that, but really, I know it just boils down to I got favorable RNG on both.


Well pray to RNGesus God before tapping on fusion and he may answer your prayer :wink::smile::smile::yum:


Hold your phone under water (toilet preferably) I never get less than 50 dna fuses with this trick!


If you hold your phome upside down dont you just get a bunch on 01s?


:joy: if your really lucky… you get 001!


Since the update im getting constant 10dna on every legend i fuse its unbelieveble
7x in a row on dilorano
7x in a row on monolometrodon


Ah I hate it when I get tens on dilorano. I never see ouranosaurus

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I got like 5 10s today fusing the unique dilo thingy. Finally created it just now, my second unique. I then got 80 in first fuse to 22 and was able to level it up with my last fuse. Made me feel better about all of the 10s earlier. =)


I wait about 3 to 10 seconds. I still get 10’s but it feels like I get fewer 10’s than when I do machine gun finger.

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The average is in the low to mid 20s overall.
If you are getting nothing but tens, stop for awhile.
Eventually you’ll hit high numbers to even it out.