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Fusing DNA for higher-level hybrids

I have a suggestion for solving the frustrating situation of only getting 10 DNA per fusion for every rarity of dinosaur. During creation of the creature and within the first few levels of leveling up, the probability of only getting 10 DNA per fusion remains the same, just as it has always been, but then slightly decreases after each level. However, once the creature reaches the starting level for the next highest rarity (starting level is 16 for legendaries, 12 for epics, so on and so forth), the probability of higher amounts of fusion should increase a lot. By about 6 levels later (i.e. level 22 for legendaries), getting only 10-30 DNA per fusion is virtually impossible because the creature has been leveled up so much.

It is irritating to have a level 22 suchotator, needing 4000 DNA to level her up, and only getting 10 DNA out of a fusion. I haven’t even unlocked several of the greater hybrids like Thor, Dracocera, and even Alankylo just because of the sheer amount of DNA needed from both dinos to fuse it. I can see how this issue would only get more irritating the stronger these dinos get, only earning 10 DNA per fusion.

However, since uniques start out at level 21, I don’t think that it’s logical for these dinos to ever truly get rid of the 10 DNA chance, but definitely starting level 23, that probability of seeing 10 should go down.

Here is a rough outline of what I’m talking about (there are no common hybrids, so I’ve omitted them)

By level 24, the chance of getting 100 DNA/fusion is 15.48%

I used this information for reference on the existing percentages:

After editing this information for level 24 dinos…