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Fusing DNA for hybrids


Is there a logic or math here I am missing. Gathered a ton of DNA and of the first five times I hit create it gave me 10 dna four times and 30 dna one time while using up all my DNA.

Try again later and it gives me 30 three times and then a 40.

Is it random how much DNA you get with every attempt?


Seems that way. Most I got at once was 70.


Yes it is definitely random.


I mostly receive 10 DNA but have received as much 90!

I’m guessing it’s random and ranges from 10-100 but am not sure.


totally random yes, the max i got so far was 90 DNA that was amazing! :slight_smile:


Fusing hybrid DNA gives 10-90 with each attempt.
I tend to get 10-20 80% of the time…


Nice to know the range. I have gotten 50 and 60 a few times but like most report 10 to 30 seems to be the norm with 10 being the top hit.


I have actually received 100 dna from fusing a hybrid.